Even badly tarnished and oxidized items are brought back to life

Surfaces are left bright and beautiful

Leaves behind a light, invisible protective coating

"The horsemen take great pride in the care and display of their harness and many heavy horse men and women are singing the praises of Peek metal polish in preparing their brasses for the display ring. So much so that it is becoming favoured over other polishes, particularly as it does not stain leatherwork in the way that some other polishes do, and maintains a brighter shine for longer."

Neen Macey

Section Leader, Heavy Horses

Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd

William Brown, Pontefract, Great Britain

Hi, I have been using your polish in paste form to clean the GRP body on my Auto sleeper Motor home and am very pleased with the result.

Once again, a very fine product.

Kind regards

William Brown

Mary Barton, Surrey, BC

"I bought a tin of Peek Mousse a long time ago and it is the greatest polish I have ever had."?

Michael Hellings, Surrey

"I bought a tube of your metal polish some time ago, and it is definitely the best polish I have used."

Glen Waldeck, South Africa

"I have customers that have used your product and have found it amazing."

David Johnson, North Wales

"I have found it to be the most satisfactory for polished alloy wheels."

Mary Betts, Leicestershire

"We have used Peek for many years and believe it to be the best metal polish available."

David Slater, Sheffield

It removed 5 months heavy brass tarnish very easily!"

Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group

"My name is Bob Wright and I'm chairman of Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group in Scotland

We restore and maintain, for the benefit of the public, old fire engines and fire brigade equipment.

Last weekend we took part in Emergency Truckfest at Ingliston Showground near Edinburgh.  One of our fire appliances - A 1958 Dennis F8 won the Best Fire Appliance Trophy for the 6th time.

To get our fire engines to this standard we use copious amounts of your Peek metal polish.
We have found this to be the best product on the market."

Rose Marie Pero, Rochester, NY

"A demonstrator cleaned my brass key and silver earrings with PEEK; at $7.99 I was hesitant, but I just cleaned my thirty one year old Stiffle lamps and they look brand new. I also cleaned our shower door (aluminium) and our stainless steel wall oven; it took some elbow grease but the results were well worth it. Thank you for such a fine product!"

Jeane Byron, Mobile, AL

"I've tried them all in the 50 years I've kept house. Peek has no equal."

Sylvia Trabich, Pembroke Pines, FL

This letter is both an S.O.S. to find out where I can purchase some more PEEK and to tell you how super it works on my silver. My sister, myself and our friends have been using PEEK for many years and our silver and silverware always looks great."

Doris Melinchuk, Lantzville, BC

"PEEK is the best silver polish I ever had!"

S. Rex Kaufman, White Rock, BC

"PEEK, I found to do everything you claimed it would and more."

David Larson, St. Petersburg, FL

"I purchased one can of PEEK and was really satisfied with it, a week later I bought seven more cans. I have a boat three cars and a van which I use this fine product on. It also works great on brass and my stainless steel sink; just like the can says. WOW!!! How many times do we purchase a product and nothing happens like it is supposed to; but PEEK does everything you claim and more!"

Mrs. N.J. Work, Chemainus, BC

I found PEEK an excellent product for cleaning in my house so I took it to our church to clean a considerable amount of brass and silver; their response was "WOW, get us some." 

 James Dwan, Silver Repairs, New Zealand 

"I am amazed at how effective PEEK polish is in my silver business. By applying PEEK to the item and using a soft cotton buff at the recommended 800rpm I achieve a beautiful long lasting finish. My customers are absolutely delighted with the results.  After 30 years in the business, I highly recommend your products."

M. Sherburn, Wigan.

"I was about to replace my gas fire and all the paraphanalia when a friend told me about PEEK.  This saved me quite a lot of money because it brought my fire surround up like new.  This is a top product.  I have used Brasso and other products but none have had the effect of PEEK. 

Richard Lewis, Managing Director, BJS Royal Silversmiths, Greenford, England.

"We are probably the leading manufacturing silversmiths in the UK.
We hold both a Royal Appointment from HM Queen Elizabeth II and ISO9001 and have made silver and gold gifts for most royal households in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, as well as, for several Presidents and heads of states around the World.
We use PEEK polish and find it the best of all the available polishes."

Bill Eirish - E-mail: eirish1@comcast.net 

"I'm a cabinetmaker and fine clockmaker, prefer lacquer or shellac for a brilliant 'deep' finish.

Anyhow, about 2 years ago I ran out of rottenstone and needed the final 'polish' on a clock. A tube of PEEK was laying around and I used it for the final step. Been using it for 2 years now as my preferred polish for lacquer, shellac and varnish.

You've got an entirely new market for Peek...rubbing out lacquer, shellac finishes for the demanding craftsman. I use peek as the sole polish agent ...1st I spray the finish 5 or 6 coats with an airless (scuff between coats), then lightly sand the final with 600 and go straight to PEEK. The results are phenomenal and I save 2 steps.

I've also used Peek to restore 'old' finishes....like in 100 years, works great.

Get Norm Abrams from 'this old house' on your team and you'll increase sales dramatically. Peek WORKS!"

It's BRILLIANT ! My daughter managed to source and buy a tube....it is incredible ! My loo seats were looking less than white, but I knew that they were clean. Problem solved a quick rub over with your "magic" cream and even the Queen can pop in now if she's in the area and needs to ! Well done, may you go from strength to strength. Pat Scourfield.

So there is a huge number of Pyrex collectors out there and it turns out Peek is amazing for cleaning up metal marks on damaged pieces. I recently posted this on the Pyrex collectors page on Facebook and the gang went wild. The post already has over 200 likes and everyone wants to know where to get it... Here's a pic to show how well it worked.... It's a great product. Cheers, Paul

House Wares

Shines like new:
Brass and Copper Ornaments.
Steel - Cutlery, Stove Tops
Aluminium - Screen Doors, Window Frames, Leaded Glass.
Hard Water Stains, Lime Deposits,
Rust and Corrosion, Heat Discolouration.


Protects against moisture:
Chrome Wheels, Trim
Painted and Fibreglass Surfaces
Aluminium - Wheels Motorcycles
Heat Discolouration, Rust, Oxidization,
Water Marks, Tree Sap Stains, Tarnish.


Cleans and protects:
Brass, Chrome Faucets
Stainless Steel - Sinks
Aluminium - Shower Doors, Trim
Fibreglass - Tubs, Sinks,
Ceramic - Tiles and Tubs
Hard Water Stains, Lime Deposits,
Rust and Corrosion.

Sporting Goods

Restore Luster:
Rods, Reels, Lures, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Blued Guns.
Aluminium and Fibreglass - Camping Equipment, Bicycles, Golf Clubs
Saltwater Corrosion, Rust Oxidization, Tarnish


Bring new life to old jewellery
Gold-Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces
Silver-Earrings, Rings, Keepsakes
Tarnishes and make your jewellery shine like new

Emergency Vehicles

Polishes and Protects:
Aluminium, Diamond Plate, Fire Trucks, Brass, Gold, Silver Badges, Plexiglas, Chrome and Stainless Steel Trim and Guns
Rust, Oxidation, Tarnish, Corrosion, Gun Powder Residue

Musical Instruments

Provides mirror finish:
Brass - Cymbals, Trumpets
Silver - On a variety of instruments
Tarnish, Finger marks

Hotel & Restaurants

Adds Sparkle:
Brass Rails, Decorative Wall Hangings
Copper - Cookware, Décor Antiques
Stainless Steel - Sinks, Counter Tops
Silver - Cutlery and Flatware
Wax and Grease Buildup, Tarnish, Finger marks, Smoke Stains, Heat Discolouration


Adds new life to:
Antiques - Silver, Pewter, Platinum,
Flatware - Silver and stainless.
Bronze Artforms - Sculpture and Castings.
Plaques, Plates, Trophies.
Tarnish, Oxidation


Works Wonders:
Leading Edges, Spinners,
Plastic Coated Pain, Plexiglas, Tubing on Ultra Lights, Thrust Reversers
Acid Rain Residue, Aluminium Oxidization,
Rust Buildup, Corrosion


Protects Against the Elements:
Stainless Steel - Stanchions
Aluminium - Bow Rails, Chrome Hardware
Brass & Bronze - Portholes, Winches,
Salt Water Corrosion, Oxidization,
Rust, Water Stains.

Wood Burning Stoves

Withstands Temperature Changes:
Brass/Nickel Doors and Trim, Irons and
Fire Extinguishers, Copper Tea Kettles,
Painted Surfaces.
Heat Discolouration, Tarnish, Oxidization
And Finger marks


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